Selected writing

Maternity care crisis worsening across the USA
Published: November 2023 - The Lancet
What happened to the Human Brain Project?
Published: October 2023 - The Lancet
Profile: Orla McCourt
Published: October 2023 - The Lancet Haematology
COP27: a "collective failure"
Published: November 2022 - The Lancet
Preparing children for operations
Published: January 2022 - The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health
Profile: Matthew Fowler
Published: May 2021 - The Lancet Haematology
Experts call to include prisons in COVID-19 vaccine plans
Published: December 2020 - The Lancet
The neurons that appeared from nowhere
Published: September 2020 - Nautilus
Loneliness in children and young people in the UK
Published: August 2020 - The Lancet Child & Adolescent Health
Researchers detect land animals using DNA in nearby water bodies
Published: April 2020 - The Scientist
Beetle larvae can survive on polystyrene alone
Published: March 2020 - The Scientist
Scotland to ban heading in children's football
Published: January 2020 - The Lancet
How scientists are saving the dodo's pink cousin
Published: August 2017 - Discover
A handy way to solve crime
Published: May 2017 - Discover
Healthcare comes to standstill in east Aleppo as last hospitals are destroyed
Published: November 2016 - The BMJ
Machine learning will keep us healthy longer
Published: January 2016 - The Wired World in 2016
Teens didn't start smoking more weed after medical pot was legalized
Published: June 2015 - The Verge
Crowdfunding for medical research picks up pace
Published: September 2014 - The Lancet
How investigators unravelled Europe's biggest-ever fake-medicine scam
Published: December 2011 - Wired UK
Nature group journal retracts two papers after cancer researcher was found to have falsified data
Published: August 2011 - The BMJ
Wakefield's first try
Published: June 2010 - Slate Magazine
Secret of Scotland's shrinking sheep solved
Published: July 2009 - Science
Mouse study prompts experts to revisit the promise of leptin
Published: February 2009 - Nature Medicine
Controversy continues over safety of bisphenol A
Published: March 2012 - The Lancet
Tackling the booming trade in counterfeit drugs
Published: November 2010 - The Lancet
Pakistan sees first suspected cases of cholera
Published: August 2010 - The BMJ
UK election: the main parties' health policies
Published: May 2010 - The Lancet
Top 100 stories of 2009: hope for HIV vaccine
Published: January 2010 - Discover Magazine
New hope for prison health in the UK
Published: February 2010 - The Lancet
Number of swine flu patients going into intensive care is rising
Published: November 2009 - The BMJ
Cash infusion for HIV microbicides
Published: May 2009 - Nature Biotechnology
Diary of a somebody
Published: June 2006 - The Lancet Neurology

Nayanah Siva is a science writer, based in London.